Hino 300 Series (Hybrid LDT)

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World's best selling hybrid truck



Battery Capacity



Better Fuel Efficiency

Hybrid Engine

The Hino 300 Series features the world's first engine designed exclusively for commercial hybrid vehicles.

Environmental Friendly

The Hybrid Engine is in a highly efficient, environmental friendly powertrain.

Perfect for Singapore Roads

The 300 Series Hybrid is a perfect workhorse for Singapore's city roads with frequent start/stops and low speeds.

Fuel Efficiency

it also boasts a 30% fuel efficiency for excellent fuel savings, leading to cleaner emission for a cleaner environment.

How the Hybrid System Works

step 1

Start up


Motor Power

When the battery is sufficiently charged, the vehicle can start on motor power alone to help ensure a smooth, quiet standing start.

step 2



Engine Power + Motor Assist

During cruising, the engine is operating in its efficient range, so the vehicle is powered by the engine alone, to achieve optimal efficiency overall.

step 3



Engine Power

During cruising, the engine is operating in its efficient range, so the vehicle is powered by the engine alone, to achieve optimal efficiency.

step 4



Efficient Energy Regeneration

The clutch disengages, and when the accelerator pedal is released, deceleration energy can efficiently be captured and converted to charge the hybrid battery.

step 5

Idle Stop


Automatic Engine Shut-Off at Stops

By automatically shutting down the engine when the vehicle comes to a stop, this feature contributes to fuel savings. Seamless and intuitive to operate, the engine restarts as soon as you release the brake pedal.

Thoughtfully Made

Smooth shifting with Ease of Operating

Easy-to-read meters with indicators for advanced warning and maintenance needs.

dummy-image-3 Drivers can choose the S (Sequential) Range, allowing manual gear change
dummy-image-3 Two-Pedal layout

Idle Stop Function


When the vehicle is at rest and the driver has his foot on the brake pedal, the engine will automatically turn off to reduce the amount of fuel wasted in situations such as at а stoplight or trafficjam. The engine automatically restarts when the driver releases the brake pedal.

Intelligent Hybrid System Indicator


А convenient, simple to understand instrument panel helps keep drivers aware of their vehicle's operating status and Eco-Drive performance in order to optimize efficiency. Three driving modes are availaЫe - Есо, Normal and Power - to suit different driving conditions.


Spacious Cabin

 Intuitively designed, spacious and ergonomic, the cab space is designed to give drivers the comfort and convenience they need for optimal performance.

Safety First


Anti-lock Braking System

ABS equipped with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) optimizes brake force across all wheels under all load conditions.


Highly Rigid Door Beams

Help maintain structural integrity of the doors in the event of a collision.


SRS Airbag

SRS airbag offers added protection for the driver.

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